Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Breaking down “The Last Jedi” Teaser!


The trailer is FINALLY here! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it here!

There is much speculation as to what it all means! Many people are dissecting the video and it’s background voices. So far, the consensus is that they say “Help me Obi-Wan” when Rey says “light”. Then there’s “seduced by the darkside” when Rey says darkness. I can’t agree that it says “seduced by the darkside. I hear “smth by the darkness”. Not sure what the first word is. Then it is supposed to say “it surrounds us” somewhere. The line that got my blood pumping was “it’s so  much bigger”! And I screamed with joy when Luke says “The Jedi …. must END!”

So, what does it all mean? Is Kylo going to go to the light side? Is Rey going to turn to the dark side? Is she Luke’s kid, or maybe even old Ben’s kid? Hey, there’s even talk that maybe she is Sidious’ kid. And what’s this talk about ending the Jedi?

I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen to Kylo. He went to finish his training, but he was conflicted more than ever after killing his father, which was supposed to kill the remaining light inside him. I’m hoping for a new determined Kylo, filled with the dark side, brimming with murderous rage!!! I want to see him cut down many people with that beautiful unstable arbiter’s lightsaber #SWTOR. If Rian Johnson is as awesome as he appears to be, then he won’t disappoint in this arena. However, we’re just not sure. I think maybe Kylo will be nice and dark in this movie, and then he may go grey in the 3rd installment.

Grey? Why did I say grey. Well I agree with Star Wars Theory that Luke has changed. After Ben Skywalker, I mean Ben Solo kills all of Luke’s Jedi, and Luke goes into exile. I think Luke went soul searching. At some point he found his way to the teachings of the ancient Jedi, Jed’aii or something. There is also the Whills, which I am not going to go into. Just know it is from The Clone Wars, and is ancient teachings on the force and maybe Luke found them, and that is where his new outlook on the force comes from. The old Jedi were concerned with the balance, which we have seen other grey Jedi being concerned with. Luke saying “It’s so much bigger”, I believe he means the force is bigger than the light and the dark. There fore, Luke learns the old ways and becomes a grey Jedi and is not concerned with the war and the Republic anymore because it’s not relevant to the balance of the force. Rey is let down. Her hero isn’t what she thought he was. She may talk him into helping out, and of course he trains her. He will train her to be a grey Jedi. Grey Jedi aren’t concerned about having attachments, and maybe not even being “attached” to the governing democracy as the Old Jedi Order had and that’s where they lost their way.

So, the Jedi must end. The ways of the old Jedi must end. If they are to be what they are meant to be, they will be concerned with the balance of the force and not being one sided in the light. They would realize that everyone has light and dark within them and this must be embraced to be balanced in the force. All the imbalance has come from people picking a side and ignoring the truth of their internal struggle.

Just so I make sure I say it. Rey is NOT going to be a Skywalker. Most likely she isn’t even a Kenobi. Her lineage is unimportant. It doesn’t matter if her parents were light side or dark side. It doesn’t make a difference to what she will end up being. “That’s not how the force works!” People are sooo hung up on this shit. Can we get off of it? Let’s say it together … “Rey’s parents don’t matter.” All that matters is that she is a force user who turns out to be pretty strong in the force and she has decided to take up arms against the First Order, and fight for the Republic or what not. She will be trained by Luke Skywalker to use the force, and that’s that.

Anyway, that’s what I am hoping it to be. If that were so, Kylo may end up going grey. What then would happen to the dark side? I don’t want to see it go away because I delight in the delicious acts of murder and mayhem that they do so well…

What do you think? Leave a comment below if you have any other theories.

May The Force Serve You Always!

Oh and wouldn’t this be great?

Dark Luke

The way Star Wars was meant to end in RotJ!

Header image from Star Wars.

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