I am Darth Mortis. You have ventured into my little playground where I express my thoughts on all things Star Wars related. I created this site for a place to post an alternate ending I wrote for Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Invincible Book 9. I just hated how Darth Caedus died, and so I decided to make my own version.

I am also planning on writing a LotF Book 10. This will mean that in my version of the SW – Universe, that Fate of the Jedi never happened. This may anger some people, but that’s OK. Anger is good. It fuels your hatred and makes you powerful!

Other than that, I will post about AWESOME Sith Lords, and my thoughts on the Force, what it is and what it’s not, IMO of course. Also, my thoughts on the Jedi Order and the Sith. And any other SW U/L stuff. Like OMG, the Darth Vader comic from Marvel is soooo amazing, because…. You get the point.

If you want to leave comments, that’s fine. Just don’t be a troll. Trolls do not exist in the Star Wars Universe, and that is where I live. So, I will refuse to accommodate your existence.

NB: If I have posted one of your images and have not given you credit, contact me through the site here or through Facebook pm and I will give you credit.

Images By: Awesome Darth Vader
Raph Lomotan’s Savage Darth Maul