Does Sith = Psychopath!?

I love a good slaughter like the next person, and I love Darth Vader as pictured in his slaughter at the end of Rogue One (that was amazing). However, this article is to examine the question of what makes a Sith a Sith. Does it mean you must be ruthless, a psychopathic killer, someone who slaughters indiscriminately? I say no, it does not. We do not have many examples of “fair” minded Sith Lords, but I can think of a few: Darth Marr; Darth Bane; Darth Caedus (in chronological order). I’m writing this in defense of the last one.

I have read articles on the failings of Darth Caedus and why he was a horrible sith. I disagree. I think he was one of the best we saw. However, I think he suffered from bad writers that fell into the old George Lucas trap of sith = evil = tragic = must be converted or must die. In fact, they felt this so much, they gave out force powers like candy just so he could be defeated instead of developing him and letting him become the great ruler he could have been.

Jacen surpassed the Jedi’s knowledge of the force in The New Jedi Order – The Unifying Force when he became one with the force and melted Onimi. He surpassed light and dark sides. Then they make him choose the dark side, which is all fine and good, however they make him back peddle so that by the end of LotF his powers are so diminished and he becomes almost a bumbling idiot. While he has logical uncertainties of his path, he remains steadfast in his decision. The Jedi also fall to old ways of we must murder him, he is Sith. I mean come on, have you all learned nothing…? How about let’s have a real conversation. Maybe he had good reason, maybe he is right, and after all he is our nephew, twin brother, son. But no, they get all murdery and decide his fate.

I liked most of Caedus’ decisions. I thought he made a decent ruler and would’ve been great for the galaxy. He made a conscious decision to not rule through fear. Not to just murder people who disappointed him. For me, he took after Darth Marr and Darth Bane by being pragmatic. One of the decisions that didn’t make sense, and was due to having multiple authors was Lumiya tells him Ben would make a horrible apprentice, and he relents. Then in the next book, he is steadfast in his determination to turn Ben and Lumiya says nothing. That was poor writing and one thing that led to his downfall.

People also say he was insane. I do not see that. I think his torture did not start him down any path to insanity. I think it gave him clarity and a new understanding of the force and life in general. Life is a struggle and is painful. It is only through struggle that we grow and through pain we learn. When we are comfy and happy, we tend to stagnate. I don’t know, perhaps most will disagree with me. However, for those out there that have known pain and struggle, I think they would agree with me. It is our reality as human beings to struggle to become better.

Also, if you have a good understanding of the Sith Code, I think it would point you in the same direction that I lean. Peace is a lie does not mean that there should be eternal war. In fact, it doesn’t have anything to do with war really. It’s more akin to what I was saying the previous paragraph.

Darth Caedus could’ve been so much more had his initial path been followed instead of limited by narrow minded authors stuck on the dichotomy of good & evil, light and dark and no in between. I have faith that people with experiences based in reality would agree that life is just so much more complex than that, and the old viewpoint of darkside/Sith must die is just plain ignorance and is what got the Jedi almost killed off more than once. And in 20,000 years or so, you would think those wizened, good people would learn that. It seems the only real learning and growth takes place on the darkside. Won’t you join me there?

P.S. I suppose I should answer my question, if it was not obvious… IMO, no, being a psychopath is not only not necessary/required, but will most likely be a short path to your demise. You can be ruthless and brutal when necessary, but a sith who is always this way will find a large rebel force around the corner ready to take you down. You must be many things to be a successful sith. Perhaps more on that later.

And, May The Force Serve You Always!



Darth Vader – Beautiful Prose

The most beautiful expression of Darth Vader I’ve ever heard/read.

So, I was trying to cue up Darth Bane – Path of Destruction audiobook to go to sleep to. Because, nothing cradles you to sleep like the awesome tales of the awesome Dark Lord of the Sith – Darth Bane, and I couldn’t find it on YouTube. It’s just gone. Suffice it to say, I found it another way. While I was waiting, I went ahead and let Lords of the Sith: Star Wars play.

Now, I’ve listened to this book before, and it moved me then as well, but tonight I was just taken up with it and I thought I’d share it with the interweb. This is transcribed from audio, and I may have misheard one word, but it’ll do. Prepare yourselves to enter the mind of Vader, our Dark Father…

Lords of the Sith: Star Wars — By: Paul S. Kemp; Narrated By Jonathon Davis

“He was home. Once he’d found the armor hateful, foreign, but now he knew better. He realized that he’d always been fated to wear it. Just as the Jedi had always been fated to betray their principles. He’d always been fated to face Obi-Wan and fail on Mustafar, and in failing … learn … the armor separated him from the galaxy. From everyone, made him singular. Freed him from the needs of the flesh, the concerns of the body that once had plagued him, and allowed him to focus solely on his relationship to the force. It terrified others, he knew. And that … pleased him. Their terror was a tool he used to accomplish his ends.

“Yoda once had told him that fear led to hate and hate to suffering, but Yoda had been wrong. Fear was a tool used by the strong to cow the weak. Hate was the font of true strength. Suffering was not the result of the rule of the strong over the weak. Order was. By it’s very existence, the force mandated the rule of the strong over the weak. The force mandated order. The Jedi had never seen that and they had misunderstood the force and been destroyed. But Vader’s Master saw it. Vader saw it. And so they were strong, and so they ruled. He rose. His breathing loud in his ears. Loud in the chamber. His image huge and dark on the reflective wall. A wave of his gauntleted hand and a mental command rendered the walls of his (ovate) meditation chamber transparent instead of reflective…”

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, that is just poetry to my soul. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It’s even better when Jonathan Davis is reading it to you. And now, I get to go to sleep to Mr. Jonathan Davis reading Darth Bane.

Goodnight interwebs!

May The Force Serve You Always!

Photograph by Raph Lomotan and his Deviant Art.